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Baby Nail Clippers to the Rescue

As we mentioned, those sweet little newborns can be accidentally ruthless when it comes to scratching. Wild swings can slice and dice tender skin… that goes for both the baby and any parents caught in the crossfire! 

Let’s face it, scratching is more common than most parents expect. With that in mind, what is a concerned adult to do? Most little ones are far too fidgety for adult nail clippers. A major fear when it comes to clipping their baby’s delicate fingernails is the possibility of injuring the child. This is where baby nail clippers come in handy. These specially designed tools aim to take as much of the anxiety out of baby nail care as possible.

Product Spotlight: Baby Nail Clippers

For our product spotlight today, let’s take a closer look at the baby nail clippers from Safety 1st.

These nail clippers feature a no-slip handle, designed to provide a good solid grip. As any parent who has tried to clip those tiny nails knows, it can be downright tough to keep a proper hold on both a squirming child and the clipper.

Light Them Up

Since kids love to move, fuss and fight, many parents try to clip nails while their child sleeps. That’s a good idea, since it helps to avoid any sudden jerking hand movements.

Unfortunately, that means that there’s often a lighting problem. Clipping too close to the baby’s sensitive skin can cause an instant yelp of pain. A bit of light would go a long way toward making the job easier. Fortunately, the Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers have you covered. The tool lights up, so you can keep the baby calm in a dim room while swiftly trimming their nails. These clippers also come with an emery board to smooth out any rough edges.  

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